About the use of footpath

〇 What is Footpath?

‘Footpath’ was first started in England, which is a combination of ‘foot’ that means walk and ‘path’ that means narrow road. Footpath allows you to walk while enjoying landscapes such as forest, countryside and old town. Unlike mountain climbing, this footpath is enjoyable for almost everyone as it is very easy to walk through. Therefore, please enjoy the footpath and be considerate to others at the same time.


〇Footpath Guidance

◆Please get to know about this footpath course in advance !
Let’s get a footpath course map or use a story map so that you will not get lost when enjoying this footpath. It is also good to check the toilet location in advance as not every places have a toilet.

◆Please check the weather forecast before you come !
It is not a good idea to come when rain or typhoon, isn’t it ?

◆Please check for parking location !
・Do not park your vehicle at location which may become an obstacle to traffic and/or farming activities.
・Do not park your car at privately owned property.
・Please use the parking location stated on footpath map.



◆ Safety First !
・Please take note that we are not responsible for any accidents and injuries occur in this course.
・Please do enjoy the footpath at your own pace.
・Please do drink enough water throughout the course.
・Please observe the traffic rules and be careful when you are walking on the road.

◆ Manner When Using the Footpath !
・Please do not litter but bring back your own rubbish.
・Be friendly and considerate to each other.
・If you meet anyone along the way, do greet them too.
・Do not enter any prohibited area or privately owned land other than stated in the footpath map.
・Please do not enter fenced grassland for either grazing or harvesting. Also, if you see white color lime powder scattered on the ground, please step on them.
※When you are near to racing horse farm, please do not surprise them or talk aloud because horses are very sensitive. Photography is strictly prohibited.

◆ About Things to Bring
・Shoes: You do not need to prepare a new pair of walking shoes for this. You just need a comfortable pair of shoes that you have already owned.
・Hat / cap: You should probably bring a hat / cap as it is useful under the hot sun and when it is drizzling.
・Clothes: Prepare clothes according to the season and the temperature. You may need a sweater or fleece jacket or even rain gear if the weather may rain.
・Drinks: Please do bring sufficient drinking water.
・Food: You may bring some sweet food such as candy to ease your tiredness. Depending on you journey plan, you may also prepare some snacks!


〇Agency Services

◆The entire footpath is about 15 km long. Of course it is best if you could go for a round trip but if you have limited time, you may use the services listed below:
However, please call in advance to make an appointment for ‘The Use of Isabella Bird Footpath’.
It is also possible to have your car being transported from the departure point at Monbetsu Library and Local Resources Center to the destination point at the parking of Yoshitsune Shrine.

< Agent Service Provider>

Kashiwa Agency Tomikawa Sales Office
TEL 01456-3-1500
〒055-0006 Hokkaido Sarugun Hidaka-cho, Tomikawa Minami 1 Chome 2

Sakura Tomikawa Sales Office Co., Ltd.
TEL 01456-3-1500
〒055-0007 Hokkaido Sarugun Hidaka-cho, Tomikawa Nishi 5 Chome 2-11

Hidaka Agency
TEL 01456-2-0809
〒055-0007 Hokkaido Sarugun Hidaka-cho, Tomikawa Nishi 5 Chome 2-16

Biratori Haiya Co., Ltd.
TEL 01457-2-3181
〒055-0107 Hokkaido Sarugun Biratori-cho, Honcho 32 Banchi 4